So, you want your kid to have a bedroom that’s decorated to match his dreams — but you don’t want to spend much money?


Especially if the kiddy’s wished-for bedroom decor is based on the latest from Disney or Pixar or whatever video game is hot in the school yard this week…

What to do?
Well, here’s one incredibly frugal solution to that decorating dilemma…

Block Posters lets you send any image from your computer (up to 1 MB size file), slice it up, print it out, and turn it into a giant wall poster — free!

Check the gallery of other people’s posters (like the lovely Nemo wall art that Phil made for his young daughter’s bedroom) for inspiring ideas like these:

  • Leave the white edges of the paper on for a cool tile mosaic effect;
  • Decoupage the pieces onto a room divider screen;
  • Frame each paper tile separately in black and hang them really close together to look like a piece of stained glass;
  • Go black-and-white or monchrome for an high-toned artsy look;
  • Blow up a smaller image for a cool blocky pixelated effect (turn a nature shot into modern camouflage, anyone?);
  • Posterize yourself!

Okay, maybe your children don’t really want your face looming down at them from the wall above their beds while they’re sleeping at night… but you could do a nice family portrait, or a favourite pop star, or a role-model athlete, or even a screenshot from a favourite game…

Your imagination is the only limit!

Or, to be factual, about 8 feet x 10 feet is the limit, finished poster size-wise.
But you don’t really need a larger poster than that, do you? Unless you’re making a mural to decorate a great room… hmm….

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  1. Heather (How to be a Woman..?)

    What a neat idea! Thanks! I hope I have enough ink.

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