cardboard box castle Remember that amazing DIY cardboard castle playhouse? It’s fabulous! But perhaps just a little, er, large?

child paints box like castle wallsIf you’re looking for a smaller project for your young Shining Knight and Little Princess, Enchanted Learning offers free instructions for making a box castle that’s a simple construction on a much smaller scale. Use anything from a cardboard grocery box to a shoe box, depending on how big you want your cardboard castle to be.

4orMore‘s cardboard box ideas page suggests adding cardboard tubes for turrets and towers — you know, like a Disney fantasy castle. And of course, decorating the castle with paints and markers is half the fun.

Perfect for school projects on the Middle Ages and unlimited tabletop games of make-believe— and it’ll fit onto your child’s toy shelves when not in use!

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  1. jay-z

    that is cool.

  2. Allison

    I want to know how to make a moat creatively for my castle project in social studies!! What should I use!!

  3. Simonne

    Besides, your cat will love it too, that’s for sure!

  4. Kyler

    what i ment was just look at the picture and draw it. than add features example: a moat or grass.

  5. Kyler

    just trace it on a regular box, cut if the flaps and cut! eady as that

  6. domestika

    Sounds to me like the Enchanted Learning cardboard castle project should pretty much fit your wishlist, Sky — it has a drawbridge, even! Obviously, this craft is designed for young kids, but there’s no limit to where you could take it with a bit of imagination… For example, you could use a tissue paper papier-mache technique to give texture to the block walls instead of just drawing them in with a marker.

  7. Sky

    I neeed to know how to build a simpple little castle,
    like small and cardboard with brick patterens but with a 3D rope bridge door thing.
    In only 3 days

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