(I May Never Fold Paper Again)

Origami master art I have loved and been fascinated by origami from childhood, working my way up from basic boxes to simple farmyard animal figures as I grew older and gained in dexterity.

But paper folding was never what you would call a natural talent of mine…

Doug, of the Random Thoughts blog, shares an amazing insight about the ancient Japanese art that strikes a chord in me:

The art of origami is that each figure has a set of instructions to guide you to the solution. But ultimately you need to practice and work the instructions out. Just like the central principle in Zen Buddhism: the Buddha’s text shows you the way to enlightenment, but getting there is your sole responsibility, no one can help you.

To master even the basic familiar crane figure took an attack of chicken pox (or possibly mumps) — back in the days before the technology took over, when sick children enduring best-rest had to amuse themselves — many days and a whole lot of crumpled paper.

And now, to look at the remarkable figures created by origami master Hojyo Takashi, I’m rendered truly humble.

I may never fold a square of bright-coloured rice-paper again!

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