Who says that dogs don’t appreciate art?

Bodhi’s homage to the art of Matisse — the elegant Henri dog toy — is crafted in toothsome polyester canvas-backed suede, a dog-pleasing texture for hours of playful pleasure.

A durable noise-making squeaker inside will amuse the dog, while your more sophisticated friends can admire the elegant (and yet, oddly bone-shaped) form inspired by one of Matisse’s most famous paintings, Danse II.

The Henri dog toy is double-seamed, non-toxic and machine washable, in three colors and sizes: 16” (turquoise), 12” (celery), and 9” (olive) as shown here.

Affordable art for your pampered pup, starting at $14.00.

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  1. domestika

    Anne, Anne, how many times have I told you not to bite the dog toy?!

    Rebecca, hmmm… two dogs, short toy lifespan… what about scraping the idea and making your own from, oh, scraps of old jeans? Denim is tough stuff – and you could maybe make a whole little Matisse family!

  2. This looks pretty neat, however knowing my dogs, I’m not sure this is something that would last long at my house. I have two dogs, one of whom (lab/husky/sheppard) tears apart stuffed animals – even ones claimed durable.

    I’ve gotten into the habit of buying him stuffed animals at yard sales, it saves my pocket book a bunch. If it were just my other one (Chihua/Jack Russell) this might be a great idea.

    Maybe I’ll pick one up anyways just to try it out. The shape is pretty cool.

  3. Anne Maybus

    I love Matisse but would never have thought of him in the context of dog toys. Looking at it though, it does look like a shape you could get your teeth into!

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