group walking On September 3rd, I was delighted to report that I had gained a virtual walking companion… now I’m updating, to add another fitness friend…

First to lace up the trainers…

Busy mother of four energetic kids though she is, Neena has volunteered to do the 4-week walk for weight loss with me!

No one tells you that gaining weight is a side effect of blogging!
Anyway, it is time for me to take a break from the computer and work on that muscle tone…

Okay, we’re not really, literally, walking together — being in different countries and all— but more in spirit. That’s fine… sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone is all it takes to keep up motivation.

Update: Another one pulls up her socks…

Jeri, full-time IT project manager and mother of two teenaged boys, has stepped out on the weight loss and fitness trail:

I started this week, too, along with a mostly South Beach approach to eating.   Airline seats are getting too small — and I need more energy!

And Jeri really needs to make sure she’s always able to get into those teeny-tiny aircraft seats, even more than the rest of us. Because she lives in Alaska. And I suspect that flying might sometimes be the only way outta there!

Maybe We Should Start a Cult?

Now we are three [soon-to-be] incredibly slim-and-fit women in their prime! Thank you, Neena and Jeri, for stepping up to keep me company…

(Anyone else want to come for a walk with us?)

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  1. domestika

    Great idea, Jeri — I’m keen to hear about your walk program experiences! What’s that old saying, something or other loves company?? ;)

  2. Jeri

    I need to write about this over on my own blog.. then we can have a distributed network of walker! :)

  3. Neena

    Now this is called pressure! :)

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