Vanilla is a popular fragrance for several very fine reasons, not the least of which is the effect it has on men! Scientists have studied this, truly…

Vanilla and cinnamon both seem to rank highly as scents that are attractive to men. Apparently they have some sort of chemical impact on the part of the male brain that decides what’s most desirable.

(Is it a coincidence that vanilla and cinnamon are both food-related?
I think not!)

vanilla scent bubble bath and body lotionMy mother, who was a glam young thing in her day, says her college roomies used to raid the kitchen cupboards for vanilla extract when they ran short of perfume!

Speaking of Mother…

Body-pampering bath products in vanilla-based scents are a fairly safe bet for a Mother’s Day gift, if you’re not sure what fragrance she usually picks.

I like the lovely flask that holds Beauty Banquet‘s Vanilla Bubble Bath (and coordinating body lotion). Very nostalgic, very milady’s boudoir.

For gift giving —
presentation is everything! —

Wrap up a sweet vanilla treasure in earth-friendly recycled kraft-style paper, tied with a length of natural raffia, perhaps with a few real sticks of cinnamon tucked in under the bow.

Or swathe a boxed gift set in a floaty organdy scarf instead of wrapping paper, very romantic and feminine…

And just because your mother is, well, your mother… that’s no reason why she shouldn’t be gently reminded of those madcap young days, when she was the Belle of the Campus, dabbing vanilla behind her ears on her way out to the big pep rally…

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  1. Anne

    What a surprise! It is a funny feeling to see my products pop up elsewhere in the world. Thank you.

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