solar-powered Moon Jar LED light It’s official — Elsewares is running moonshine. Not to worry, though, this kind of moonshine is perfectly legal…

The Moon Jar looks a lot like a traditional Mason jar used for canning preserves (or stashing hillbilly hooch) but look! It’s really a clever bit of lighting.

Wouldn’t this be great for the cottage or camp?

Equipped with a solar-powered cell and rechargeable battery, it soaks up the sunshine for 5 hours of energy-efficient LED glow. The light will come on automatically when it gets dark, but you can turn it off to conserve the power when it’s not needed.

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  1. Scramblejam

    I really want to get hold of one of these…

    I’d love to find out how heavy they are, and what the dimensions are like as I think they would be great for taking on hiking and camping trips…

    I can just imagine a hosting a Halloween (bit late, I know) storytelling group, all huddled round a low fire, with a few of these dotted around for some eerie ambiance!

    Great find, Domestika!


  2. terancedubya

    I think I need one of these. It would be a lot of fun explaining to guest that yes, the firefly does have enough air in that jar.

  3. Celine

    My grandchildren would love this!

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