Painted Geckos from Terrace22Wood and Copper Gecko Art from Terrace22Not that I’m working on getting together a gecko collection or anything… well, maybe I am! It’s just that there are so many of those cute little lizards popping up in the shops these days… can’t resist those long lithe bodies and curly little reptile tails! Here are two more that caught my eye recently, from a gorgeous wood-and-copper art piece, and a whole kickline of funky painted geckos. The painted ones, with their fine detail and bright colors, sort of remind me of the little painted animal figurines you see all over the local markets in southern Mexico. It’s a happy kind of aesthetic to live with…

Gotta getta gecko!

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  1. domestika

    Thanks, Kate! Don’t you just love being able to find something really special and unique to give as a gift to a friend who is also really special and unique? One gets so bored with the same-old stores with the same-old stuff…
    ;-) Jen

  2. Kate


    I LOVE the lizards! This is the perfect Christmas gift for one of my friends… Your ideas are the best!

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