If you had fun with the Design Her Gals custom cartoon characters— you’ll get a real kick out of My Virtual Model.

Update – sorry dolls, since I wrote this post, MVM seems to have gone bye-bye.  Try one of these alternatives, maybe?

But here’s what I said about My Virtual Model, back in the day, if you’re curious…

You start with a default female or male figure and customize it by selecting your basic build, hairstyle, face type, and so on. You can “tweak” it out by entering your body measurements, if you want, just following the directions on the screen. Too easy! You can even rotate your Virtual Model to get a look at the back side!

So, this is (roughly) me, Jen, over there on the side.

This is my look for a typical Saturday, hanging out doing chores or strolling with the dogs, dressed (in this case) by Land’s End.

But I swear, I don’t think my thighs are that big. It must be the pants. Yeah, definitely it’s those pants: I should’ve gone for a different cut…

And that’s the point of the gizmo — you can “try on” outfits from different clothing stores (there’s a list on the MVM website) without having to go to town and get all hot and tired and grumpy and frustrated, fussing about in the dressing rooms.

Playing around with MVM, you can tell yourself that you’re being all practical, saving yourself time in shopping for clothes, and helping to avoid costly fashion disasters…

Plus, you can “try on” something really adventurous, something daring, something way far out of your usual style, without having a snotty Sales Associate snicker and sneer. Or is that just my own particular little phobia?

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  1. Anklebuster

    So, after I make this virtual model, can I make her my virtual assistant?

  2. SugarBee

    I’m so glad you liked this little tool; I think it has a lot of potential!

  3. themakeupgirl

    Cute!!! I have never heard of a virtual model before. Hmmmm…….

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