Natalya Sots ceramics Mad Hatter Teapot

When I first discovered Natalya Sots’ lush ceramics work — and specifically Mad Hatter Tea Pot (sadly long ago sold to someone else) — I literally yelled out loud with delight. So I promptly dashed off a mash note to Natalya, asking for permission to share her exciting work with you.

She was good enough to say yes, and to give me permission to show you her photos of a few choice pieces — a sampling of some of the most wonderfully whimsical ceramics creations you’d ever hope to see…

But first, here’s what you need to know about the artist: Natalya Sots, a native of Kazakhstan, moved to the United States in 2002 and has been dazzling OOAK fans with her wildly distinctive colourful ceramics at Chicago-area art festivals (and at her online Etsy shop) ever since.

A day-brightener?
Trust me, this could brighten your whole week!

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Natalya Sots ceramics art

Don’t miss Natalya Sots on Flickr, for more of that wonderful mad imagination and her photos of works-in-progress.

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  1. Pinhole

    I find it a little disheartening that only now, at this late stage of my life, that I find the true value in tea-drinking is in the container. I may abandon coffee altogether.

  2. domestika

    Hi Ixela, and welcome! What a coincidence, I just discovered your blog today on BlogCatalog and have bookmarked it – I love the artistans’ works that you show, and it’s great to see you writing them up in both Italian and English so many people can enjoy. Definitiely, I will be visiting often – our world needs all the beauty and whimsy it can get!

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