Michael McDowell creates some truly elegant white-glazed ceramics — simple handbuilt vases that fit with any decor and small sculptural pieces, in the main. Living and working in Denver, Colorado, with two gorgeous dogs who serve as his ‘studio assistants’ (and inspiration for his Etsy shop, Mudpuppy, perhaps?), McDowell also makes collages and paints on reclaimed china. Oh, and this set of irresistably naughty bears (naughty because they say bad things

Michael McDowell Mudpuppy ceramics - Naughty Bears say bad things

These adorable but naughty porcelain bears are glazed in my exquisite naturally creamy white handmade glaze with 22 karat gold luster. You’ll receive the full set so you can spell out this special word.

An “awesome divorce anniversary present,” the artist suggests… Find the bears playing about among Michael McDowell’s more, er, restrained ceramic creations at mudpuppy.etsy.com — oh, yeah, I know you have to go look!

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  1. domestika

    Kelly, what fun it must be to have a brother like Michael McD! His sense of humour is immediately apparent not just in works like Naughty Bears but all over MichaelMcDowell.com too. Heh. Seems to run in the family, too, from what I’ve seen of your own website! I’ll be exploring more there, too, you can bet ;) I mean, who doesn’t love soap in the shape of false teeth??

  2. Claudi – I’ll bet he will take requests. He’s my brother and he’s got an awesome sense of humor!

  3. Claudia

    These RULE! I need them!! I wonder if she takes requests. ;)

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