magazines What’s it really all about? Chris Garrett asks, and he’s not looking for the Meaning of Life… not today, anyway!

It seems that ChrisG’s been reading the Dilbert blog again — and how often a bit of mischief starts with that comic Dilbert! — and a story he read over there got him to thinking…

“So here is the thing,” Chris says, tagging a long list of faithful readers among which you’ll find me… “I have two challenges for you:

          1. Tell me what you think this blog is about

          2. Ask your audience what they think your blog is about!”



I think that Domestik Goddess is about… well… I think it’s a little lifestyle magazine of sorts, here… a bit of colour, a bit of style, intermingled with chewy chunks of what I hope is truly useful information, things to help make your home life run a little bit smoother.

Overall, my aim is twofold — to share my enthusiasm for this and that with anyone who cares to read it; to share what I’ve learned along the way… And I hope that what you find here is also helpful in stimulating creativity — that fearless DIY attitude!

Connecting with other people of similar interests and value — and learning so many new things from you in return — that’s a big huge bonus that I didn’t even know enough to look for, when I first started Domestik Goddess back in October 2005. And I am truly grateful.

(On that note, I’ve just added WebGrrrl’s Top Commenters plugin by way of linking back to you who so kindly respond to the conversation here… just to say, Thank you for your support!)



So now I put that second question out to you, because, as Chris says —

… no matter how many times you write about a certain topic, the subject that connects with your audience is what they will remember and is therefore the real theme of your work.

What do you think Domestik Goddess is really about?

If you’re a regular reader, what do you look to find here? And if this is your first time dropping by (welcome!), what do you hope or expect that you’ll find on these pages?

I’d really appreciate the feedback…

And since this is a meme, I’ll tagging the current Top Commenters to carry the torch, if they think it sounds like fun…



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  1. Pinhole

    For me, your specific entries seem to be collected bits of eclectic ingenuity (or, CBOEI’s, as I like to call them); however, the blog, in general, carries more of an atmoshpere of enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

    I’ll work on trying to understand what I’m supposed to do next.

  2. Chris Garrett

    I just realised that might be a whole new category but it does seem to fit :)

  3. domestika

    Thanks for stopping by, Chris. Hmm, ‘personality blogger’? Well, when I’m writing here, it always feels like just chatting with a friend or two, so I guess that’s spot-on!

  4. domestika

    Lorna, thanks, your Top Commentators widget/plugin installs in two seconds and works like a charm!

  5. Chris Garrett

    I think your personality comes through and that is the draw to your writing. You are a “personality blogger” :D

  6. Lorna

    I hope the Top Commentators widget is working well for you. Thanks for the link love.

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