Sue Hyslop, Troo Heath-Crew and Tiffany MassingWhen three award-winning “female furniture designer-makers” bring their talents together with a shared aesthetic and a passion for wood…

The result is a line of stylish contemporary hardware furniture that is beautifully handcrafted.

This striking European Oak glass top table is … crafted with a curvilinear triangular top to fit into any corner. Its apparent simplicity of form belies its complex structure. It sits equally comfortably amongst fine antiques or in a minimalist contemporary setting, and is perfectly suited for the corner of a living room, conservatory or an entrance hall.

With a truly admirable “walk the walk” kind of commitment to the on-going conservation of the environment, Sue Hyslop, Troo Heath-Crew and Tiffany Massing work exclusively with wood sourced from sustainable forests, and arrange for a young hardwood tree to be planted on behalf of every piece of furniture they craft for their clients.

New Leaf Furniture focuses on creating commissioned pieces for private and corporate clients across the UK, but they do also make one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces for gallery display and retail sale.

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