Doesn’t it drive you crazy to throw out a favourite old bedsheet, just because it’s got rather thin in the middle?

Sew up some pillowcases from all that still-good fabric at the edges!

Recycling old sheets into new pillowcases is a project that scores high on many points. It cuts waste, reusing useful material instead of discarding it. It saves you money — have you checked out the price of plain ordinary pillowcases, these days?

Best of all, it’s a quick and easy sewing project that gives you one more fun way to put your personal style into your personal space.

Making your own pillowcases is as simple as cutting a long rectangle of the appropriate size, folding it, and sewing up the sides — no different than making a fabric bag, really.

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Sew a deep hem on the open end to finish it off nicely, and add whatever embellishments or trim that your crafty imagination can suggest — lace, embroidery, fabric applique, a strip of satin ribbon… the possibilities for personalization are endless!

If sewing is a skill you’re still working on, this pillowcase tutorial from Threadstop will guide you easily through the project.

[via Lifehacker]

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