ecoOutlet recycled lanternsI love some of the funky recycled stuff and general green goodness at EcoOutlet, but damn their blog for reminding me that it’s getting to be That Time of Year Again… Spring cleaning, I mean!

But let’s not think of that just now.

Let’s think of guilt-free eco-friendly frivolities to pretty up the garden… you know, for when the garden finally emerges from under the snow once again. Which I’m pretty sure it’s going to do… some time…

Reclectic Garden Lanterns

Made from the waste and recycled materials that result from the production of aerosol and soda cans in India, the Reclectic Lanterns are all produced using different remnants and mis-printed pieces so each one will be unique in appearance. — EcoOutlet

Reclectic Garden Lanterns - EcoOutlet

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  1. Anne Maybus

    They are pretty unique, aren’t they? They would add a lovely atmosphere to an outdoor event.

  2. kellypea

    These lanterns are right up my alley. You should have seen our weather today. Even we were amazed. All windows open, warm wind blowing, clear sky, and nearly 80 degrees. Even I liked it! I just may need some of these…

  3. Becca

    I meant to mention how beautiful these lanterns are. Thanks for posting them. I wish I could make some of my own.

  4. tina

    these are beautiful!

  5. Lori

    These lanterns are pretty darn cool. Unique and unlike anything found at a dollar store!

    Wanted to also thank you for your kind comments on my blog, your thoughts are appreciated more than you know.

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