Just a quick note to say Happy Canada Day to those of you who also happen to hail from The True North Strong And Free…

Oh, heck, and to everyone else, too!

It’s a weekend, it’s July, what more excuse needed to quaff a few cold ones and eat high-fat grilled meat products in the company of good friends?

Canada Day 2007 poster

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  1. domestika

    Thank you! The weather was lovely – not too warm, not too cool – and my dogs enjoyed going into town to watch the parade. They enjoyed the barbarcue even more, as did we all – and then a neighbour set off some fireworks that looked just glorious against a dark sky with a full orange moon just rising… Good times!

  2. Anne Maybus

    I hope you had a great Canada Day. It sounds as though you had great plans. Wish I could join in. Ah well, school holidays have struck here……

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