octopus chandelier by Adam Wallacavage Be still, my heart —
and never mind all the glamorous dangling crystals of your conventional high-toned chandeliers.

I have a sudden desperate yearning to dine beneath a glowing octopus.

This nautical beauty (“Dixie LaRue in Green”) is just one of a series of octopus chandliers by Adam Wallacavage.

It was originally spotted at the Jonathan Levine gallery online by the wistful yokiddo.

And dammit, it’s been sold.

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  1. domestika

    Vinnie, if you follow the links in my post to learn more about Adam Wallacavage (well worth the couple of clicks, if you’re into a visual adventure!) you’ll come across this photo of him making the octopus chandeliers… and a whole bunch of other fun stuff, such as info about his wonderful book (have you seen it?): Monster Size Monsters!

  2. Vinnie

    How is Adam creating the Octopus tentacles?

    Is he casting his own plaster into tentacle molds he’s made himself?

    If so, what kind of mold is he using???

  3. Anne Maybus

    It just screams for a themed room, doesn’t it? Mermaids on the wall and so on….. We could go totally bad taste and have Nemo and Bruce above the fireplace.

  4. Darrin

    Interesting. Reminds me of something I would see at a Disney Park. Looks like a lot of “Imagin-eering” went into that design!

  5. domestika

    @Claudia, foam away. Sometimes you just need a good dose of pink. Even though, truth be told, it’s not the highest on my list of favourite colours — probably because my mother always used to tell me to “think pink” when I was a sulky teenager! Antique Victorian – yes! Like those famous ‘Painted Ladies’ houses of San Francisco…

    @Area Rugs, I don’t blame you for shopping at your own rug store. That’s a much more impressive selection than the last time I looked! Might want to check your scripts, though — there’s an error message when I try for a close-up look at that merlot-coloured Bambooo Shag. Or any of them, actually… :(

    p.s. I just read where Claudia is apparently the only thing that’s preventing her husband from running for President of the USA. Something to do with her wanting to paint the White House pink? (I may not have read that quite right…)

  6. Area Rugs

    Oooh, I love this, feels like cotton candy and carousels. I love the description of Claudia above – just goes to show that design is really more than furniture and colors and accessories, it is expression and influences a way of life. I have a rug I bought at http://www.rugsdoneright.com/ that matches this exactly, it’s amazing. They have great hues of pink that’s hard to find.

  7. Claudia

    Forgive me, but I am foaming at the mouth for the hue of pink that surrounds the green glowing octopus. What a luscious shade of pink. It makes me think of candy and gingerbread houses and wide skirts and pantaloons.

    Alright, the last bit was a little overboard, but it’s almost Disney’ish, the light, the room. It would be sumptuous in an Antique Victorian in desperate need of new life!

    It makes me smile!

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