So, if the contestants on Rock Star: Supernova are anything to go by, punk style is back in. Seems it comes back around every couple of years and then just sort of fades away again for a while. But of course, the shock value has gone.

sid and nancy Punk, it seems, has gone all mainstream.

Sterling silver rings may have replaced the good old safety-pins in body piercings, but the neon-spiked hair is essentially the same as it was the very first time around; the zombie-black eyeline laid on with a half-inch sash brush; the torn fabric and scuffed black leather — urban street corners and clubs (and wannabe-a-rock-star reality television shows, apparently) are populated by second-generation spawn of .

Punk has lost its 1970s edge, and I’m not sure that there’s a real lifestyle statement attached to flaunting the style these days. That’s probably a good thing, mind you! But, still… it’s all so derivative.

Ah, there’s nothing new under the Red Rubber Ball. It all bounces back again, with a 30-year time lag.

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Hey, we’ve TIVO’d not just our favourite shows but all of popular culture! Don’t believe me? Check the recent flood of movie remakes. Something tells me it’s time to go up in the attic and dig out the disco shoes. God knows, that’ll be next.

Truth be told, if disco’s what we’ve got to look forward to in style trends… punk rock is fine by me.

hot rocker Or, let me be specific:

The fashion’s fine, the music’s hot, and I’d be very happy to do a detailed up-close-and-personal study of Dave Navarro‘s tattooes and piercings…

But may the gods and little fishes preserve us from punk style in home decor!

I can see it all now…
Nouveau Punk Decor Syle:

The formal livingroom is dominated by a striking graffiti-patterned wallpaper, while asymmetrical vomit stains on matted shag complements the bold statement of exposed-spring upholstery… the sill of the smoke-yellowed window (note the cracked glass, so chic) is scattered with a casual display of dead roaches… and outdoors, above a cracked-asphalt patio, a whimsical mobile composed entirely of hypodermic needles twists in the breeze…

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