Folding paper is always fun, and folded paper is always a welcome gift. As a last-minute Valentine’s Day flourish, why not show you cared enough to go to all the effort of learning a few new tricks with your hands?

This clever origami heart with a bonus coin at its centre is the Kathleen Weller design called “Change in Heart,” folded by Michele Rousseau and discovered for us by the ever-loving (but now vanished) Idea Girl blog. I have, however, tracked down a nice little tutorial for folding the Change in Heart design for you, thanks to Clara at Bloomize, along with other sweet heart origami designs.

You can adapt to bill folding for a creative presentation of a gift of money… or just make up your shapes in pretty paper, for fun and decoration, perhaps to use in place of table confetti at a wedding reception or anniversary dinner?

Just see where your imagination will take you, once you get into the habit of folding hearts!

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  1. French Fry

    You have no idea how much it just makes servers day to fold them a little something. Most are very appreciative — and they remember you!

    It takes such little effort to evoke a smile… really is worth it :-)

  2. domestika

    Hey, Michele, what a great idea – to slip your bistro boy a little origami money heart instead of a plain old bill. Nice! And who knows where it could lead… ;-)

  3. Michele

    Thanks for posting my site. I am glad you found something you like.

    I’ve been folding hearts like crazy because of valentine’s day. They make great tips and have been requested frequently.

    If you want to see more hearts you can find them on my folds site. If you click on the categories at the top of the page you can find many other designs as well.

    Happy folding :-)

  4. Tammy

    Hey Thanks!

    I feel the *love*!


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