Camo patterns are popping up everywhere these days. Of course it’s perfect for a teen boy’s room, but also for anyone who loves the outdoors, because you can play a camouflage pattern to either a military or a wilderness theme.

camoflage pattern shows sheets, comforters, drapes and valances, shower curtains, all the usual soft furnishings in this rather attractive Mossy Oak camo pattern fabric.

I like this particular version of camouflage because it’s not aggressively male, and I think it could be changed up in a number of ways depending on the accessories chosen — imagine this bedroom with a lot less of the rustic wood, for example. Walls in a warm off-white or bisque, with a touch of wicker and real greenery, an elaborate Victorian style bird cage in the corner, and display a collection of collectible bird figurines — you’ve got the start of a wild garden room…

I’m thinking more of Boreal Forest and birdwatching theme, here, rather than the usual duck hunting or military themes that we normally associate with camo prints.

Camo pattern carpet tilesWhat’s even more interesting to me, however — and it suggests all kinds of decorating options — is the great variety of prints available as camo carpet tiles ( at the Camo Shop). These are 36-inch squares with perfectly matching patterns, backed with foam, and designed for do-it-yourself installation. Well worth a look…

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