metal rural mailbox painted in vegetable themeDecorative painter Lesie Pease (who does an awesome side-line in dog portraits, by the way) provides a fun how-to tutorial for recycling a rusty old metal mailbox… with the magic of colorful craft paints.

close-up of decorative painting vegetables on metal mailboxShe’s picked a vegetable theme for the rural-style mailbox, with realistic little mushrooms, radishes, purple potatoes, green peppers, a whole veggie garden!

I especially like the clusters of green peas (perhaps a pun on her name?) and — too clever! — a carrot for the traditional “you’ve got mail” flag.

The step-by-step photos… don’t they make you just want to rush out and give some sort of metal box a painted makeover?

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  1. justinemnace

    That was a creative art design for a mailbox. It really turns the box into more beautiful one. Painting is also another way of maintaining the good condition of the mailbox throughout the year.

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