Photographs make great gifts for grandparents and those other people in your life who are especially hard to buy for. But don’t settle for just slapping a picture in a plain old frame (or having it printed on a plain old mug) when you can make the gift into something that’s truly one-of-a-kid.

Photogio custom photo layout

Ideally, you’d be a crafty type with lots of time to personalize a photo frame or scrapbook for a gift — but this is the real world, where sometimes we have to make a compromise between what we’d like to do and what’s possible.

That’s where a photo services company can come in handy…

Nicole Gallant, creative director at, agrees that “store bought frames offer no customization other than size and color. And online photo gifts stop well short of full customization — just pasting your photo onto a mug or apron.”

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Photagio “aims higher” than traditional framing, encouraging families to celebrate their special moments with a keepsake item, or and make a loved one feel truly unique with a fully personalized Photagio photo gift.

  1. Choose your design — baby, pets, travel, more…
  2. Choose your frame — Stylish Wood Mount or Classic Canvas…
  3. Upload your photo and add your own photo caption.

That’s all there is to it — or you can order up a multi-image custom design to showcase your favorite photos.

By the way, Photagio’s website also offers ideas for sharing family stories and celebrating special moments, and gives hints for taking better digital photos. For a limited time, too, you can save 20% just by taking a customer survey.

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  1. domestika

    Good to hear about your firsthand experience – it seemed like a really good idea, and I liked the look of their designs when I checked out the site. Good idea for a wedding gift, too, maybe?

  2. Anonymous

    I have tried this service and am very pleased with the results. I wanted to give something special to my grandparents on their 50th anniversary and stumbled upon this site. I picked a design, uploaded the photo and the caption I wanted and received a custom wood mounted photo frame at my doorstep a week or so later. My grandparents simply loved it! Great gift and idea!

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