Pincushion in an Old Tea Cup When a favourite tea cup gets a crack, it’s hard to throw it out without trying to think of a new way to give it a purpose. It may not hold liquids anymore, but that doesn’t stop it from being just as pretty as ever!

Here’s an idea — with how-to instructions contributed to by Sew-What’s-New — make that old tea cup into a pincushion!

Quick and easy.

Just fill the old teacup with steel wool and fibrefill stuffing, inside a gathered circle of pretty fabric. (In the example given, the matching saucer was glued to the bottom of the cup for added stability.) And then it’s time for the real creative fun, with your choice of trimming and embellishment!

This is not only a great easy recycling craft, but a darned fine gift idea. A teacup pincushion might also be something a little new and different to catch the eye at a charity bazaar or craft sale?

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  1. silken

    great idea, I will keep in mind for christmas…

  2. domestika

    Gloria, I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying Domestik Goddess. Thanks so much!

    What you say about not needing to wait to crack a teacup (quite right!) makes me think of all the cute cups that end up in yard sales, too — very very cheap to pick up something special.

  3. gloria

    I don’t have a cracked teacup but since it’s not against the law to use perfectly fine teacups…I might want to do this. Haha. This is a cute idea. I like your blog so much, I’m going to subscribe to it. =) More! More!

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