pincushion ring I’m putting this nifty pincushion ring right on to my new list of gift ideas under $10!

Even without its delightful $7 price tag, what’s not to love?

An adjustable base-metal ring sports a tiny pincushion in retro print fabric (varous patterns are available, but I’m hooked on these teal squares).

Slip the ring on a finger while you’re sewing (or your craft-crazed friend is sewing) and the essential pins and needles are as handy as it’s possible to keep them.

And you’ll be glad to know (I was!) that there’s a solid base beneath the puffy padding, so pins won’t poke through to prick those busy hands…

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I found this in the craft supplies section of the brand new Indie Fixx shop, along with matching rectangular emery pincushions ($9) to keep pins and needles all shiny and sharp in between sewing projects.

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