Okay, girls, let’s talk about Wedding Favours: those little gifts for your guests that also serve to decorate the tables at your reception. I beg you right now, forget all about those tacky little plastic cups filled with after-dinner mints and wrapped in tulle. Really? No one is impressed with that originality. And no one over the age of 5 will eat the candy… You can do much better, for quite a low cost.


wedding favor personalized seed packets
When my own beloved soon-to-be-niece asked about personalized flower seed packets as a wedding favour / guest gift, I went looking for a simple-yet-elegant version in her chosen wedding-theme colours (celadon green, with many shades of white).

This 3″ x 3″ favour is a combination of two pieces of paper — your chosen colour and a translucent piece with your personal wedding details printed on it — with box-folded corners to keep the seed packet safe inside.

I always worry about getting stuck with a soppy pre-printed message on personalized items, but here again we’re in luck! The message inside is smply this:

Thank you for sharing this special day. Please plant these seeds to create a garden of lasting memories.

You get to choose from a bunch of different flower seed types, and complete growing instructions are included. Some assembly is required, but heck, what are all those bridesmaids for?

The price is $1.55 each if you’re ordering 100 or more, $1.65 for 50+ pieces, and so on; available at Plant A Memory.

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  1. Navillus99

    This is a great blog…I am in the process of delving into wedding planning and all the research is starting to pay off. I enjoy reading articles and blogs like this it is heartwarming. I am planning a christmas wedding 2008 and I love all the ideas.

  2. Becca

    You know what, just wanted to let you know that we gave away seedling trees at our wedding. Ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation…and I think we spent about the same amount of money. I was able to choose among several varieties. The guests really enjoyed them as well.

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