houseWho let the dogs out?

It doesn’t matter! because…

He Who Hogs The Power Tools built us this very lovely wooden pet gate for our back porch (or “verandah,” as we usually call it), so the dogs can hang out in comfort and safety, while we do yard work or whatever.

So, the dogs are free to go into the fenced side yard off the other side, if they need to “do their business,” but the pet gate on the driveway side means they can’t get out and run loose in the yard — possibly to get lost or end up on the road or find a skunk to play with.

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You like the video? (Quick, how many dogs did you see? LOL)

But back to the gate, which would also work for a deck with a railing by the way – a couple of features in this design I particularly like:

For one thing, there’s no ugly hook-and-eye or latch to fumble with, if your hands are full of dog leashes or grocery bags — the gate fastens with a knob attached to a slider, neatly hidden inside the top rail. It’s easy to use; in fact, you should know this is not a child-safe gate because a smart toddler can figure it out in about 2 seconds. So far, we haven’t found a dog who could open the pet gate, though — but then, to be fair, I haven’t tested it on a wiley Border Collie!

Also, you know how wooden gates, especially those that go across a wide opening like this one, tend to sag down at one side, over time? Here, the corners are reinforced with steel, but the metal is cleverly hidden inside the gate frame so as not to spoil the looks. I do think it’s a pretty good-looking piece of woodworking, too. See how the design of the gate matches the porch railing: almost too elegant for This Old Farmhouse!

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