potted potsNow here’s the perfect potted plant for those of us who can’t seem to manage to take care of a single houseplant! Terracotta pots… in a terracotta pot!

I cringe to say this — truly, I do — but this actually came by way of the oh-so-twee Growing Gifts application on Facebook. But if someone knows who actually sells these in the real world, I’d be curious to know. (If for no other reason than to say, Thanks for the crafty idea!)

And wouldn’t it be a grand source of endless jokes? Mind you, you’d probably want to chuck it out the window, the 500th time some loser made a quip about growing pot…

Yes, indeedy… I could see making a little tree of terracotta pots. Both a fun craft project and a witty little decorative item to brighten up a windowsill on a rainy day. Or for your desk — a lot of work places don’t allow much in the way of real growing things in the cubicle, for various obvious reasons, but no one could possibly object to a cute little pot of potted pots! …right?

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  1. domestika

    Pinhole, you can always be counted on for a word-association side trip! :)

    By the way, just wait until you see the kitchen gadget I’ve just been ogling: I thought of you immediately on seeing it — and you’ll know exactly why, when I post about it tomorrow heehee!

  2. Pinhole

    I’m thinking of creating a similar project, but instead of clay containers, I’ll be hanging little commodes from the limbs.

  3. Luna

    That is a very interesting & creative idea! I would never have thought of something cute like that. – I’m new to the blogging world. I have read several of your posts & enjoy your site. I just started my own blog the other day & would appreciate it if you checked it out. Please feel free to comment & leave suggestions for me! Thanks – Luna

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