sewing pattern makes this hobby horse toy BabyMoonBoutique‘s Sheila Sherman knows that handmade gifts are best… and that you have better things to do with your hard-earned moola than to give it to the post office…

So, instead of ordering up a BabyMoon-made hobby horse by mail, now you can go for the DIY pony pattern at Etsy.

The hobby horse sewing pattern is 20 pages with 36 color photos; $8 brings it to you by email as a printable PDF.

Sheila says the materials cost for making a hobby horse should run about fifteen bucks, with the bonus opportunity to use up those bits-and-pieces of sewing and craft supplies you’ve got lying around.

Sounds like a deal to me… and about the only thing you’ll miss out on is the mild amusement of watching your postal carrier trying to stuff a horse-shaped package into your mailbox!

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  1. domestika

    I think you might have misread something, Mrs. Tantrum – Sheila’s pattern is still the same price ($8) when I looked in her Etsy shop today. Uh, can’t do much about the 2 weeks before Christmas part :) ‘cuz my calendar says the same as yours!

  2. Mrs. Tantrum

    Too bad the pattern is $20! And too bad it is like 2 weeks before Christmas that I found this! I would totally be making just the heads for Bacon’s “ladies” he wants them to have “soft ponies to snuggle with at night in their beds” this would be a perfect pillow! Modified some of course!

  3. Sheila

    Thanks so much for posting about my hobby horse pattern! Love your blog!

  4. Ann

    That pony is real cute… Just don’t know if I have the time to make it on my own. My son would love to snuggle with it.

  5. domestika

    Unicorn for the princess… makes sense! What I want to know is this: when the unicorn’s head eventually fell off, did you mount it on the wall like a big-game-hunter’s trophy?

  6. Claudia

    One of the first things I bought my daughter when she was born was a hobby unicorn. Heh. She rode that thing until the head finally fell off.

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