Photo Cube You might want to bookmark Tabblo’s online photocube tool — you never know when you’ll need it a fast way to get five photographs into a paper block formation.

No, seriously. Upload, arrange, print the PDF, cut and fold… as simple as that. The Tabblo tool even plays nicely with your Flickr stash, to make photo selection even easier.

We made up a batch of photocubes a while back, for Kevin’s going-away-to-Afghanistan party — and believe me, the more embarrassing the photos, the better it’ll go over! Sandy flagged Tabblo as a “Great Graphic Find” over on Liz Strauss’s blog, but I’d forgotten all about it until I came across it in Jessica Jones’ Resources list…

how to fold paper photo cube Jess suggests stacking up your photo cubes to make a centerpiece, or just scattering them around a table for guests to play with. I can definitely see that starting up a few conversations, with the right choice of pictures!

Or hey, here’s another idea:

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You could arrange the photos (in the Tabblo tool) so that they’ll be right-side-up when the open end of the cube is facing up — like a little open paper box — and fill it with almonds or after-dinner mints or dried flowers or gummy bears or… well, whatever takes your fancy in the way of party favours.

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  1. Sandy Renshaw

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the link! Isn’t this a great tool? What a fun way to spice up life!


  2. Neena

    I love this! – now if only I had more time…..

  3. domestika

    Gift-wrap photo cube!
    Sleepover souvenir photo cube!
    I just bet you clever girls could come up with 100 uses for this thing…

  4. Anne

    Great for kids of any age to do! Imagine making a photocube as a souvenir of a birthday party or sleepover. It would be something unique and a great way to keep pics of their special event.

  5. silken

    cool idea! this would be great for college kids, gifts…

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