Fall vegetable candle holders Much as I absolutely despise the kabillion pop-ups that plague the Better Homes and Gardens site, I do enjoy some of BHG’s quick-and-easy holiday decorating ideas.

Here, for example, asparagus spears and long green beans make Thanksgiving-theme wrappers for simple pillar candles. It’s all done with a couple of strong elastic bands, and a length of satin ribbon to hide them.

And see that hollowed-out artichoke candle holder?
Very cool.

Grouped together with a few white chrysanthemums (easy to come by this time of year, and good tough flowers that stand up well to handling while you fiddle with your centrepiece), and you’ve got yourself the kind of table decor to make your Thanksgiving dinner guests feel special indeed.

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  1. domestika

    And I’m wishing all you lovely Americans a wonderful Thanksgiving (with or without “processed cheese food products,” Pinhole!) — would have done so sooner, but an ice storm up here in the Frozen North took out my internet connection yesterday…
    Ah, but I’m just thankful to be back online today…

    Go easy on that gravy, my friends!
    But do have a second helping of turkey & stuffing for me, will you? ;)

  2. Pinhole

    I know you celebrated Thanksgiving some time ago, but I’ll be enjoying mine today. I’m sure our centerpieces will involve something in Cheez Whiz.

  3. Merry

    Hey there, Hi there, ho there…

    It’s been a while since we touched base, I just wanted to stop in and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Also, I love Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for the baking recipes (not partial to some of the dinner fare, it’s a bit bland for me)… but they have some of the best cookie and cakes, yummy… it’ll be getting a lot of use around here in the next month or so.

    Take care.

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