floor cushions - extra seating Holiday entertaining can get a tad complicated, when you’re rushing about to find chairs for all the drop-in guests.

I say, just park all the young’uns on a cluster of happy-coloured floor cushions, and let them sprawl in comfort!

Auto has a great selection of cubes and poufs and floor cushions and beanbags — lots to mix and match — including my favourites, these Dahlia Rainbow floor cushions from the Missoni Garden Collection.

Is it just me, or do these remind you of a 1960s hatbox?

The 100% acrylic covers are removable for cleaning, which I think you’ll agree is pretty much essential in fabric furnishing that you put on the floor!

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What I like best about these, however — besides the fab mod prints — is a structured shape that means tidy stacking for storage when the cushions aren’t in use, and that handy patent leather handle for toting them about as needed.

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