Soft light, warm bubbles, and lying back for a good long soak. All that’s missing for a relaxing evening alone is a good book that won’t go soggy if you drop it in the bath tub. Fortunately, has come up with a couple of waterproof reads. The Soothing Soak, for example:

A collection of sensuous, spiritually uplifting water-themed stories, essays, and poetry, The Soothing Soak is the perfect companion for bathers in search of solitude, relaxation and revelation…. lyrical journeys of self-discovery by authors such as Diane Ackerman, Elizabeth Bishop, A. S. Byatt, Edward Hirsh, Krishnamurti, D. H. Lawrence, Andrea Lee, Barry Lopez, Mary Oliver, and Terry Tempest Williams, among others… the perfect answer to a stressful day.

DuraBooks waterproof paperback booksDuraBooks look and feel like ordinary books, they say, but are made of a patented synthetic paper that can stand up to a wide variety of real-life hazards (such as water, dirt, grease, and humidity) that would destroy an ordinary paperback.

Most of the titles are bath or beach oriented, sensual reading for all the moist venues where you may want to relax. That makes such good sense!

But when it’s time to clean out the tub you might want to turn to another waterproof paperback from DuraBooks — Green Clean, a step-by-step guide to cleaning better while using natural, safe products.

Cleaning the tub? Ah, yes. One of life’s necessary little evils.
Sorry I brought it up…

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