Renovation adventures make for lively reading — it’s all the fun of a full-blown home makeover, only someone else does the work and pays the bills!

bathroom renovation picture collageFirst-time DIY homeowners Ariana and Jeff are up to their dropcloths right now in a (highly entertaining) make-over on their powder room.

At last count, they were aiming at bringing in the bathroom budget under $500 for sink and faucet, lighting, mirror, paint and accessories…

Well, they survived the challenge of hunting down a pedestal sink small enough to fit in the allotted space, and they scored a stunning cheap plastic chandelier at TJ Maxx, believe it or not!

So far, so good.

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Now Ariana’s looking to change the “industrial-peach disaster” to something more of a metallic-ish, brocade-ish, baroque-ish dream of a half-bath. She’s exploring ideas of an ornate metallic effect of some kind… maybe a stencil, maybe some kind of faux-finish… while her readers weigh in with opinions and advice, every step of the way. Such fun!

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  1. The pictures remind me of one of my favorite design catalogs… Brocade Home. So… the powder room definitely has that brocade-ish, baroque-ish look! Love the chandelier from TJMaxx and the $500 budget. I just love it all!

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