Recycled Plastic Bag Rooster Recycled plastic bags like feathers on a wire frame make up this cheeky rooster. It’s a fair trade rooster, better yet, handcrafted in the townships near Cape Town, South Africa.

Out of stock at the moment, too bad — though you can still pick up a dog, a pig, a zebra, or perhaps a flamingo — but still, totally inspirational…

See, now I’m thinking about the wreaths that my grandmother used to make out of coat hangers and those lightweight filmy plastic bags from dry cleaners. She bent the coat hanger into a circle, then tied on many strips of plastic cut from the old bags she’d stockpiled. (What can I say, it was a different decade…)

Anyway, surely, a crafty chick could manage to bend up a wire frame for a rooster?

Different lengths of strips would make the different thickness of body and feathers, and all the many different colours of shopping bags would make each bird figure into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Water-proof, too, so you could set your recycled rooster out to decorate the patio and amuse the neighbours, though I doubt it would last for more than one season, the sun’s UV rays being what they are…

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Still, summer’s all about fleeting pleasures, is it not?

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  1. domestika

    Thanks so much for the news, Ron. I’ve had a lot of emails about where-on-earth to find those wonderful roosters! Good to know they’re back in stock with you.
    ~ Jen

    [ update: Good news for plastic bag rooster fans! ]

  2. Ron Askotzky

    Hey! Thanks for the article, link and image from our website! We do have some roosters in stock now and offer snakes and ladybugs and expect a large shipment of new plastic bag chickens and roosters from Africa! The smaller chickens are clearly the most popular as they are very reasonable and not too large. All the best!

  3. domestika

    You own 3 recycled chickens?

    Oh see now, Margot, that’s just one (3) more reason(s) why I want to come back as you in my next life… that, and the whole outrageous sparkley talent thing you’ve got going.

  4. margot

    That’s so funny! I own three of these. We sold them at our old store. I did a window for the holidays with the chickens and one of the dogs…it was called Walking in a Chicken Wonderland. I had to order a bunch of them, people went nuts.

    Of course, I have chickens now which makes them even cuter.

    Very cool!

  5. domestika

    @Chelsea, hi, yeah, that was last year I left that comment, I think. But retro fabric is always very cool – do you happen to be selling any? Feel free to leave a link… ;-)

    @Pinhole, scaring a cat… er, amusing a cat… is a fabulous reason to let your inner creativity have free rein. Just don’t smear it with eau de catnip, or your rooster will have a very brief but eventful life!

  6. Pinhole

    I’d like to make one of these if for no other reason than to scare the cat.

  7. Chelsea

    This doesn’t relate but you left a comment on coquette apron chic saying you were looking at and buying 50’s fabric and i was wondering where. Please email me ! thanks!

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