Scandinavian designer Bread BagsGot a tiny cramped galley-kitchen?
Short on cupboard space for storing all those essential serving dishes, baskets, bowls, and trays? Something soft and foldable might be the answer…

From the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That” Department:

This versatile bag has three positions: unfolded to support tall loafs, folded down to create a basket for small breads and muffins and the lip of the bread bag has hidden magnets inside so you can close the top and keep your bread crispy, fresh and warm.

The clever cloth bread bags, 9 inches high and wide, are made of machine-washable 100% cotton. Designed by Klaus Rath for Stelton, they’re imported from Denmark and available for $32 at Lekker.

Jen has a ‘Eureka! moment’:
Sew on a couple of loopy handles, and you’ve got yourself a great way to tote a batch of baked goods to a potluck supper… and then serve them up in style when you get there!

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