women's purse clear bag for travellingAs I’ve mentioned, my friend Sharon is moving house in a big way this month — from England to Barbados — and she’ll be travelling overseas with a toddler… Just imagine, given current security restrictions, how complicated that might turn out to be! (Sharon says she’s hoping to be able to take along some coloring-book pages and crayons to keep her child amused on the 8-hour flight.)

So when I saw this clear purse from Purseket.com, of course I thought of Sharon — and any other woman who’s travelling in uncertain times. As for me, I’ll be staying close to home for a while, thanks very much!

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  1. domestika

    Hey, well, you know that I’m thinking about you! (I’m sure it’ll be fine, because you really are one of the most resourceful women I’ve ever come across — blushing yet?) Bon voyage and happy landings! I’ll watch your blogs for updates…

  2. Sharon

    PS. Forgot to say, I like the new design.

  3. Sharon

    Sounds like a great idea, Jen, if only I had time to get one. We fly on Saturday morning, so I’ll have to make do with my opaque laptop bag – I wonder how much toddler entertainment I can stash in there?

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