Is there a more adorable mascot anywhere in the computer world than the goofy, cuddley, splay-footed penguin named Tux, who flies the Linux banner?

We think not.

And a plushie Tux can be yours…

Tux Linux penguin pattern - sample page

Grab the free Tux sewing pattern from, see the creative penguins that others have made, and haul out your sewing gear…

What better gift could there be, for the Linux fanatic in your life?

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  1. Doti

    He is so cute, Thanks for the information/pattern. Doti

  2. domestika

    Hi Megin – I’d just check and make sure your printer settings don’t say “shrink to fit page” or something like that. If it prints out in the set size, the pattern pieces should work for you just fine. :)

  3. Megin

    I can’t get the pattern to print out right so I can tape him together. Any suggestiosn?

  4. Lol, that is great. Some years ago I might be someone to learn to sew to have one of those. My Linux Geek times are gone now, though.

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