Dewey ad - T-shirt for library books DJ reminds me that one of his all-time favourite T-shirt dealers is teaming up with the Dewey Donation System — “Helping Books Find Libraries Since 2003” — to help buy some much-needed books for public libraries.

He’s Dewey!
He’s a decimal!
He’s got book hair!

Here’s the deal:

Buy a fine jersey Dewey shirt from Glarkware, and they’ll donate 100% of the price to this year’s book drive charities — the Rockhouse Foundation and Children’s Institute.

This campaign ends at the end of February — so get in fast!

Because kids really need free access to lots and lots of books if they’re ever going to make their way in the world.

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And empty libraries, apparently, make Dewey cry…

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  1. Mitchell Allen

    Whew! I’m glad you wrote this. Now, we can stay on-topic.
    Dewey likes memoirs, too!
    You’ve been tagged to write your memoir, Hemingway-style!

    I’d love to see how you are going to share your illustrious life in such a small space.



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