soft aliens - handcrafted dolls in retro fabrics New from Two Little Banshees of Australia, these soft little toy aliens are hand-crafted in bright kid-friendly fabrics with a retro influence that adults will warm right up to.

Toys? Oh, I know that’s what these cuddly alien dolls are intended to be, and fine toys they are, too — but why should kids get all the fun? Place an alien on an antique rocker where one might expect to see a traditional rag doll on display, and just watch your guests do double-takes!

[via Anne and Minifashionista]

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  1. domestika

    Those great fabric patterns remind me of playing with my auntie’s “rag bag” of scrap materials, when I was a little girl. My favourite alien is the one in the middle, I think…

  2. Anne

    I love their colours and happy little faces.

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