What is it the Fin de siècle again already?

Windows and shelves and cabinetry and whatnot have no excuse to be jealous of those glorious attention-getting over-the-top crystal-dangling chandeliers, when they can be trimmed out with such decadent hardware.

decorative hardware

This Antoinette collection at The Saturday Decor is just the beginning, too — their bejewelled Aelan line, for example, is like frankly-fun high-end costume jewellery for your home.

Less is more, however. Avoid that fatal Victorian Bordello overstatement by going in with a light touch and a monochromatic colour scheme. Pair up the decorative window hardware — look, it’s a metal valance! — with a sleek simple rich fabric like linen or a dull slubbed silk… Just think twice about the red velvet drapes and carved Japan dressing screens, that’s all I’m suggesting. Let the hardware bling be the room’s signature accent, not its theme.

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[Hat tip to Kay Ellen]

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  1. Sonia Simone

    My little boy (nearly 3) adores chandeliers. He’ll make us stop at the mall so he can admire one in Neiman Marcus or Polo, it’s very entertaining.

    I do love the look of an ornate chandelier in an otherwise uncluttered, spare room. If I had an uncluttered, spare life, I would definitely consider it. :)

  2. kayellen

    Bonjour…..Hello again!

    Merci…on the snooping around!
    Keep in touch:)


  3. domestika

    @KayEllen, I had a lot of fun snooping around your blog – lots of colour and texture and wonderful finds there to admire!

  4. kayellen

    Hi Jen,

    Thankyou for the mention!
    Have a great week!


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