Jackie is a medical technologist in Upstate New York. Her full-time day job is working in a hospital lab, but that’s not where her heart is — she’s hiking in the Adirondacks.

And she’s turning the inspirations of nature into jewellery, twisting wire around beautiful stones and pearls and beads to create striking bracelets, necklaces, earrings.

You can find them for sale on Etsy and get a peek at projects in progress at Jackie’s blog, A Keeper’s Jackpot.

Like most beaders — like most craftspeople, in fact — once Jackie started creating her own jewellery and found that others love the pieces too, she starting exploring new ideas and new materials. From basic beads, she went to wire and stone, then branched out into working with polymer clay, and now she exploring decoupage techniques on some of her pendants…

But you know what? It’s the stone necklaces that really get me.

And I’m not even going to try to explain the emotion effect, the thought process, the “how come” of why I was so immediately taken with Jackie’s work, when her mother-in-law told me about her — I’ll just let the jewellery speak for itself:


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  1. Domestik Goddess

    Diane, I’m not sure whose blog you commented on… but I didn’t post on that date and we’re not awfully well-endowed with mountains in my neck of the woods, spruce or otherwise – it’s more of the rolling hills and river valleys. I’d love to see the rock cairns and bent tree you mention, however, so if you figure out what blog you saw them on, please do let me know!

    Oh, wait, I’ll bet it was on Jackie’s blog?
    You’d probably be best off contacting her directly, there – this post about her jewellery was so long ago now, I doubt she’s keeping an eye on the comments. :)

  2. Diane Wells

    just left a comment on your May 12, 2008 post about Spruce Mountain climb. Would love to hear from you about the rock cairns and the bent tree in the photo. We are making a documentary and writing a book about Native American and their trail. Check us out on our website. Diane and Don

  3. domestika

    Agh, so sorry, guys – your comments got stuck in my Askimet (my, that sounds rather rude!) and I just now got them fished out again. (Tsk. Efficiency, where art thou? )

    I think your stone jewellery is perfect for those of us who’ve always loved beachcombing, Jackie – and I’m with storybeader and TuLips on this: your blog is a visual treat as well. :)

  4. Tulips Treasure Box

    Hi Jackie, love you and your beautiful creations, and where you live, and…



  5. storybeader

    I’ve been following Jackie’s jewelry making for a while now, and love what she does. Her blog is great – lots of picturesque images and great stories about hiking.

  6. Jackie

    Thank you so much for doing this write-up, it was a very nice surprise. I love your website!

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