There have been so many lovely stories of dogs who’ve been helped by the dog boot pattern I scribbled out and posted when I had to make a quick set of winter boots for my greyhound, Casey — it’s really pretty heartwarming.

Old dogs who slip on the ice…
Dogs with injured paws in need of protection…
Dogs with tender toes who are sensitive to cold…
Outdoor sporting dogs who need a little extra warmth and traction…

Like this GSD beauty, Storm, who lives in Canada’s cold far north:

photo credit: YKStorm
photo: YKStorm

Pat‘s daughter took her German Shepherd dog out on a rescue mission — looking for a lost Corgi pup who’d bolted in a panic when he got scared on a trail. The pup was found and brought safely home — “fine and much more obedient after 3 days out in -40” — but Storm lost one of her boots in the snow.

Pat used my pattern to make new doggie booties for her: a beautiful blue colour, extra tall for use in deep snow, with reflective patches for safety.

photo credit: YKStorm
photo credit: YKStorm

Pat’s one of a growing number of clever and caring dog lovers who have improved on my simple pattern to suit their own dogs’ needs — by adding extra length or a stretchy cuff, experimenting with different non-slip materials on the soles of the boots, and sewing up waterproof versions of the fleece original.

Best yet, these dog lovers are very generous in sharing their ideas with others through their comments.

But that’s not the end of the good puppy karma. Some people — with Casey’s full blessings — are now making these dog booties for sale to help other dogs who have non-sewing owners, dogs in foster homes, and even as a fundraiser to help a greyhound adoption group! You know, I said that it’s heartwarming, all this sewing and creative adaptation… but it’s the sharing that really brightens up a dark winter day and gives hope that, even in tough times, we self-involved human beings can learn to be as giving and caring as our dogs.

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  1. Julia

    Thank you very much for your simple and easy to follow pattern and ideas for those
    of us that are novice dressmakers or shoe cobblers! I sincerely appreciate your efforts, creativity and willingness to share your fabulous ideas.

    1. Domestik Goddess

      You’re very welcome, Julia. Thanks for taking the time to drop a note – that’s much appreciated! :)

  2. Kathe

    Ah-ha! Figured it out…thanks so much!

  3. Kathe

    Just found this post via Pinterest. I recently adopted a GSD mix from our local shelter. With the extreme low temps this winter, I have been searching for a suitable set of boots and a coat for her. Muttluks are way out of my price range, and the inexpensive ones are already falling apart – after only a few uses. I can make a dog coat, and want to try using your pattern for the boots. But would really love to know what adjustments Pat made, so I can make the longer boots. Jazmine has an extra dewclaw on one of her front feet still, so most boots have the strap that goes right around it. I can adjust the lower strap, but the extra height of the boot would not only help ensure they stay on (with the extra strap above), but also help keep the deeper snow out of them!
    I tried looking at your links, but did not find anything on what adjustments Pat made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Domestik Goddess

      Just extend the lines on the top part, Kathe, when you’ve printed out the pattern, so the shaft of the boot is as long as you need. I’d suggest actually fitting it on your pup’s foot/leg to see where the best placement for the straps will be, to work around that extra dewclaw. Those dewclaws can be a real trick, can’t they? My male greyhound doesn’t have an extra, but I find the location hard to work around & had to customize for him. My female had her dewclaws removed in puppyhood, which I don’t really like as a concept but must admit it does make the boot thing much easier!

  4. Domestik Goddess

    Martha, you’ll find my dog bootie pattern free online at If your dog’s paws were badly injured and need extra protection, you can double up the bottom piece for a bit more padding, or make the boot larges enough to go on over a a padded bandage. Hope the poor pup is all healed up soon!

  5. Martha Reichhold

    I was wondering if you could email me your instructions for making dog boots. Our poor American Bulldog has terribly injured paws we need to protect while they heal. Thank you so much! Martha

  6. Sonja

    When you have a dog as small as mine – you never find the size you need. The nice thing about your pattern is if you can find a person to make them (I can not) you can figure out the right size and – it is like tailor making a set just for your own little one. In my case – a paw width of less than 1 inch! So thank you.

  7. Susan

    Thanks so much for the boot pattern. I’m not a person who uses my dog as a fashon accssory but I do like to protect them from the lements. Our economy has necessitated cutbacks in every area but our dogs are one place where we do not cut back. This pattern has been a creative and thrifty way of getting what we need. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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