Suburban Turmoil - funny writing by a smart womanAn idle half-hour on a rainy afternoon. What better to do than read the very funny Lucinda‘s take on that nasty little Voice of Truth that lurks inside all of us women. You know the one — “that gut instinct that let’s us know the smiling woman before us is talking about us behind our backs”…

Like she says, learning to Listen to Your Inner Bitch is probably a very sensible (even essential?) survival tactic:

Did you ever stop to think about how often your inner bitch has been right? I’m telling you now, our inner bitches are with us for a reason. I’m sure that some day, research will prove that woman’s inner bitch evolved as a way for prehistoric females to determine which of their friends would pick all of the lice out of their hair for them and which would totally pretend to, and then go and tell all the prehistoric dudes to stay away from skanky-ass lice head over there.

Smart, funny, and darned well-written in quintessially modern-female style: Suburban Turmoil is definitely my new fav blog.

I delight, too, in a certain irony attached to the discovery of Suburban Turmoil — I found it by accident via a nasty little parasite of an automated site (which shall remain unnamed and unlinked) that gets its content by using software to scrape and steal the words of we who actually put dainty fingertips to keyboard…

Among the metaphorical lemons, here’s a big tall refreshing glass of lemonade to sip on a virtual suburban patio with a new friend. Very cool. Very restorative to the spirit.

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