Silk Sewing Kit for KidsHere’s a nifty way to teach children the basic sewing skills and an appreciation for beauty, all while keeping the wee darlings busy!

Just spotted this Sumptuous Silk Sewing Kit in beautiful blues on sale (30% off this week!) at…

The kit makes a lavender-scented eye pillow filled with flaxseeds, plus three fragrant sachets, with lots of ways to personalize the project. “Materials include four gorgeous 100% silk fabrics, three sachet shapes, and plenty of luscious embellishments such as sparkling Czech glass beads, and pretty ribbons and cord for hanging the sachets. The kit comes with everything children need except basic sewing supplies.” (Recommended for ages 8 to 18.)

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You know, this would be a great way to let kids make their own holiday gift for Granny or Great-Aunt Gertrude!

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Let’s tag this, oh, Sewing Gifts for Children.

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