Real-World Renovation: Brick to Chic Family Room Makeover

Renovation adventures make for lively reading — it’s all the fun of a full-blown home makeover, only someone else does the work and pays the bills!

The family behind Daily Home Renovation Tips sounds a bit like they’ve ended up in the plot of a movie! Just think about it: a major home renovation, semi-DIY style…

One problem….it needed a lot of work. How much work? Let’s just say that after 6 months our renovation continues!

Cheers to the anonymous homeowners for sharing their frustrations and, er, “learning experience” with others who are walking the same road! But we can learn from looking at the success stories, too — the family room makeover, for example, is inspiring:

family room fireplace makeover

So, what happened here?

From a cold pale blue room dominated by a floor-to-ceiling dark brick fireplace, they created a warm and inviting, yet sophisticated, family retreat in up-to-date earth tones.

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