Bad Advice for Frugal Halloween Treats

True, it can cost a lot to give candy to all the neighbourhood kids on Halloween night. But if money's tight, and you simply haven't got the budget to buy off the pranksters (some of whom really will splatter your home with rotten eggs -- or worse -- if you don't "shell out" ), there are a couple of things you can do to save money. First, here's what NOT to do...

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Bad Advice for Frugal Halloween Decorations

As for decorating your place for Halloween on the cheap -- "Decorate your home and yard with everyday items and almost-trash, like leftover candle stubs and toilet-paper ghosts," the glossy magazines tell you. Right. Not. Who was the genius to suggest that lighted candles and paper products were a good mix? Now throw in gangs of rambling trick-or-treating kids wearing capes and robes and all manner of flammable costumes? Uh-uh.

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Watermelon Carving

Who knew that watermelon carving was such a hot art form?

Around here we tend to think in terms of pumpkin carving – especially at this time of year, with harvest winding up and Halloween just looming on the horizon.

Well, heck, why not watermelon carving too?

Of course, we’re entranced by the whole carved-radish culture of Mexico’s Night of the Radishes, naturally… and other weird and wonderful fruit and vegetable art makes an appearance from time to time, so the watermelon as a medium for artistic expression is not a big leap…


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