Blandito Italian Bendy Foldy Lazy Floor Pillow

So your Blandito may not be the seat to offer your aged auntie when she drops by for tea and scones, but as a cosy crash mat for the multifunctional small-space lifestyle of the hip young urban creative with a penchant for modern Italian design?

Furniture of merit, indeed.

I believe the title says it all. Blandito┬« by Oradaria Design of Italy, is described as a “transformable pad for lazy living” – and I think we can all get behind that concept, no?

Cosy as a sleeping bag or one of those appalling slankets but with, you know, much more padding and much less of the nerdy monk look.

Stuffy as a floor pillow, but with its own smooth moves – transformative!

Yet, furniture-ish in a couch-inspired way, but without all the stiff bits that keep you from slouching in comfort.

Yeah, well, the pictures say it all.


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Do You Know This Italian Almond Bread?

Food Mystery!

One of our readers has written in with a wonderful food mystery on his hands — there’s a certain almond bread he remembers from back in the 1970s, and he is hoping to find the recipe to share with his family. Now, I’ve run this question past a couple of food-savvy friends, and checked my own cookbook library, but the bread isn’t ringing a bell…

Can you help?

Here’s the story.

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