Vegan Goes Cajun: Seitan Jambalaya

Cooking columnist Chris Perrin is back with another hot vegetarian / vegan recipe: "I have been on a real Cajun kick recently and for some reason, I cannot seem to stop making jambalaya. Since I’ve made it a habit to share my culinary obsessions on, I see no reason not to talk jambalaya! So today, we are headed to the bayou, but it will be a vegan bayou..."

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Pumpkin Panini and Apple-Seitan Sandwich

Every autumn, the Earth erupts forth in a great bounty of fruits and vegetables in such great quantities that the ground must know it will produce nothing for the next 5 or 6 months... How else can you explain the flood of apples, cranberries, pumpkins, squash, and other gourds that invade grocery stores across the country every October? Today, we are going to elevate Fall fare into the fantastic. We are going to make sandwiches! (And they're going to be veg friendly, too.)

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Tasty Veg*n Seitan Gyros

Many people have never heard of seitan, one of the more versatile vegan meat substitutes. Sometimes called wheat meat or Buddha food, it is formed by taking the gluten (proteins) from milled wheat, kneading it with water, and simmering the resulting dough in broth. Oh, and it is pronounced "SAY-tan" like everyone's favorite Biblical bad buy. Which means I get a lot of weird looks when I start saying how awesome it is.

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