Mabel’s Pretty Knitted Shawls

In today’s guest post, Pelf Nyok bring us another stand-out crafter from Malaysia with a look at Mabel’s gossamer-fine knit work… It’s inspiring to know that, less than a year ago, the creator of these delicate shawls was a total novice to knitting!
~ Jen


Mabel’s Pretty Shawls

this is Pelf Two weeks ago, we had a peep into April’s collection of hand-made jewellery, so this time around, we’re going to look into another Malaysian’s collection of knitted shawls.

If you do not know Mabel, you will not believe that she had only started knitting less than a year ago. In fact, she did not knit her first shawl until February 2007 and even then, she was still learning to read charts and knitting in new ways and using new stitches.

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