Retro Stripes for IKEA

This beautifully retro Prisma Stripe in Moss Green is the signature design for Bemz’s new Metropolis collection of slipcovers designed to breathe a whole new life into your old IKEA furniture — or to give your personal touch to out-of-the-box new IKEA.

Bemz Prisma Stripe in Moss Green slipcovers for IKEA furniture
Warm, luminous gold tones and cool, winter hues of blue and green are paired with earth neutral colours to evoke memories of classic Scandinavian design during the 1950/60´s.


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4 Frugal Ways to Furnish a New Home

Aaron Stroud‘s story is a slice of the Grand Life Adventure, family style. He went from being “a carefree college student” to instant fatherhood with a ready-made family — and all that entails. What this man doesn’t know about a thrifty home life… well, I’m naming him an official Domestik Dad. Read on for Aaron’s first guest post. ~Jen

4 Frugal Ways to Furnish a New Home

Aaron Stroud

Buying your first house is a wonderful experience. Most of us immediately begin personalizing with paint and new furnishings. These personal touches are important, but they can bring stress when bought with credit.

When my wife and I bought our house, we had little money left over and a lot of space to fill. We agreed that it didn’t make sense to borrow money for furniture, paint, or decorations.

So we dedicated cash each month for furniture and my wife agreed that we could delay painting for a year.

How we stretched small amounts of cash for nice furniture

First, we kept a lot of our old stuff. We decided it made more sense to keep old dressers, shelves, and storage bins so we could focus our purchases on the places where we spend the most time: the dining room, living room, and office.


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